Nanjing Qianjin Sheet Metal Co., Ltd

Qianjin sheet metal company was found in 1989 and we have 2 factories and more than 110 people in each factory over 20 years development.

  • Metal Industrial Box

    Metal Industrial Box

    Place of origin :Nanjing,China
    Material:Cold rolled steel(SPCC)
    Protection Class: IP54--IP66
    Surface Treatment:
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  • Steel Cabinet

    Steel Cabinet

    Place of origin :Nanjing China
    Brand:QianJian Sheet Metal
    Material: Galvanized steel
    Protection Class: IP60
    Surface Treatment: Powder coating
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  • Machine Coolant Tank

    Machine Coolant Tank

    Place of origin :Nanjing,China
    Brand:Qianjin Sheet Metal
    Material:Stainless steel
    Protection Class: IP55
    Surface Treatment:
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  • Medical Equipment Enclosure

    Medical Equipment Enclosure

    Place of origin: Nanjing, China
    Brand Name: QianJin
    Material: Steel
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  • 3D Printer Enclosure

    3D Printer Enclosure

    Place of origin: Nanjing China
    Material: Cold rolled steel
    Surface treatment: Powder coating
    Size: Customer requirement
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  • Custom Sheet Metal

    Custom Sheet Metal

    We are professional sheet metal manufacturer. As a customized sheet metal design fabrication, we provide not only manufacturing service, but also sheet metal design and consulting serviceRead More

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Sheet Metal Fabrication

    We are professional sheet metal manufacturer. We specialize in design and produce sheet metal products, such as sheet metal enclosure, electrical cabinet, metal box, aluminum products etc.Read More

  • Machine Enclosure Design

    Machine Enclosure Design

    Qianjin Sheet Metal is a professional manufacturer engaged in precision sheet metal fabrication. We have CNC Laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, welding machines, shielded welders, powder coating equipment for professional sheet metal...Read More

  • Sheet Metal Process

    Sheet Metal Process

    We are very professional on sheet metal process. Any sheet metal design can be accepted. We customize your part to meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations.Read More

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