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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Surface Treatment Of Sheet Metal Processing? - 2
- Jan 23, 2019 -

Second: To pay attention to the problem of processing order, such as after spot welding parts can be chemically treated, but must not be electrochemical treatment, including electroplating, anodic oxidation and other electrochemical treatment will have an impact on spot welding quality.

For some electroplating or oxidation parts with riveting requirements, the processing process must follow the first electroplating or oxidation, and then riveting.


Third: To pay attention to the pretreatment before surface treatment, such as steel parts before spraying, it is necessary to go through phosphating treatment, which can increase the adhesion of the coating. Steel coated with bright nickel, in order to improve its corrosion resistance, can be first plated with a layer of copper or dark nickel bottom.

Zinc-based alloys also have this problem, electroplating also needs to do pre-plating a layer of copper or dark nickel bottom, which can improve the adhesion of the electroplating layer.


Fourth: To note that the work piece materials and treatment methods can not conflict, aluminum alloy castings will never allow sulfuric acid anodic oxidation treatment.


Fifth: It should be judged according to the shape of the part whether it is suitable for electrochemical processing, such as slender tubes longer than twice times in diameter, it is not appropriate to carry out electrochemical treatment, because the surface can not form a high-quality film layer, and with a deep groove or depth greater than twice times the diameter of the fine hole parts, after electroplating, the inner surface can not be fully covered by the coating.


Sixth: Also pay attention to whether the substrate material and coating materials are in conflict, because most organic gases have corrosive effect on zinc, so in the design of sheet metal processing should be carefully selected galvanized layer contact with organic materials or assembled in the same closed body.