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Sheet Metal Cabinet Industry In China Is Gradually Developed From Scratch
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The sheet metal chassis industry in China has gradually developed from scratch, and it will continue to develop. At present, with the diversification of market demand, the sheet metal chassis machine market is gradually moving towards diversification. In order to provide users with high-grade and rich connotation of technical equipment, to meet the diversified market needs of different types and different levels of business development goals and motivation.

On the control panel of the sheet metal cabinet, there is a potentiometer for frequency control, which can send command signals to the motor according to the output frequency of the operator to control the rotation speed of the motor. Some products in the frequency conversion control cabinet are equipped with power frequency switching function to ensure that when the inverter fails, the motor is switched back to the power frequency power supply through the automatic control circuit.

The display cabinet and the operation panel are designed on the cabinet body of the sheet metal cabinet, which is connected with the electrical components inside the inverter control cabinet, which can visually display the operating status of the inverter control cabinet, and at the same time facilitate the operator to control the operation of the inverter device and the motor. Such as controlled equipment for on-site operation.

The cabinet body of the sheet metal chassis also has various instruments and indicators, such as voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power indicator, alarm indicator, running indicator, and industrial frequency indicator. The operation and operation status of the frequency conversion control cabinet can be directly reflected on the various instruments and indicators to realize the time monitoring of the working state of the inverter.