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Rack Server
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The full name is a rack server, which is used to fix the patch panels, housings and equipment in the telecommunications cabinet. Usually 19 inches wide and 7 feet high. For the IT industry, it can be simply understood as the rack where the servers are stored. The appearance does not look like a computer. Like a switch, there are 1U (1U=1.75 inch), 2U, and 4U specifications. Rack servers are installed in standard 19-inch racks and are functional servers, so standard racks are also called "19-inch" racks.

Rack servers do not look like computers, but switches, routers, etc. The rack server is installed in a standard 19-inch rack. Most of this structure is a functional server.

DELL rack server

For information service companies (such as ISP/ICP/ISV/IDC), the physical parameters such as the volume, power consumption, and heat output of the server must be considered when selecting a server, because information service companies usually use large-scale dedicated equipment rooms to uniformly deploy and manage large numbers of servers. The server resources, the computer room is usually equipped with strict security measures, a good cooling system, multiple backup power supply system, the cost of its computer room is quite expensive. How to deploy more servers in a limited space is directly related to the service cost of the enterprise. Usually, rack-mounted servers with mechanical dimensions that conform to the 19-inch industry standard are used. Rackmount servers also come in a variety of sizes, such as 1U (4.45cm high), 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U, and more. Usually 1U rack-mounted servers are the most space-efficient, but they have poor performance and scalability and are suitable for a relatively fixed use of some services. Products with more than 4U have high performance and good scalability, generally supporting more than 4 high-performance processors and a large number of standard hot plug components. Management is also very convenient. Vendors usually provide people with appropriate management and monitoring tools. They are suitable for large-volume critical applications, but they are large in size and have low space utilization.