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Plasticity Of The Processing Space In The Chassis Of A Sheet Metal Chassis
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The reason why the chassis of the sheet metal cabinet is recognized and praised by the customers is entirely because of its hundred characteristics! The selection of sheet metal is large, and because the processing technology is mature, it is handy for the processing personnel. The sheet metal cabinet is made of high-quality aluminum and aluminum plates. It is not only attractive on the outside, but also elegant and beautiful. It is suitable for the appearance of desktop or vertical high-grade instrument instruments and the insertion box on the rack.

The front and rear panels of the sheet metal chassis can be opened and sprayed according to the customer's requirements. It can also be divided into multiple small panels as required. The function of the bottom plate makes the bottom of the chassis flat and can be opened or riveted according to customer requirements.

We have a lot of factors to consider when choosing a chassis for a sheet metal chassis. We all want to be able to choose a product that is both functionally and safely improved. Two millimeters of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates are used in the inner and outer columns of the sheet metal chassis. And its front and rear doors are locked with a 1.5mm high quality cold rolled steel plate.

The fan power socket of the chassis of the sheet metal cabinet adopts a domestically-made high-quality lock, and even the mounting screws are domestic high-quality standard accessories. If customers are not satisfied with the internal design of the chassis of the sheet metal chassis, we can also improve and improve the production according to the customer's production requirements.

Because of the flexibility and plasticity of design and production, sheet metal cabinets are highly praised by people. Under the premise of guaranteeing this, we must also make more efforts in the production process to produce better products that are more convenient for people's lives. .