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Methods And Precautions Of Exterior Design In Sheet Metal Equipment-1
- Jan 31, 2019 -

The material of the product directly affects the appearance and design of the product.

You could say that more than 80% of large and small industrial equipment are metal materials, metal materials are mainly sheet gold, stainless steel, tensile aluminum alloy, plastic material, cast aluminum and so on, of which the sheet metal material is our most widely used metallic materials, the following a brief analysis of industrial sheet gold equipment design methods and matters attention.

First of all, industrial sheet metal Equipment Modeling design is subject to sheet metal processing mode constraints. At present, the market on the general sheet metal material processing methods are mainly stamping molding, bending molding, cutting, welding and so on. Sheet metal material is mostly sheet-shaped. Generally speaking, in the sheet metal equipment modeling design, the designer is more about the product's one-way arc surface, rarely consider the bidirectional arc surface. Because the shape of the bidirectional arc surface is required to open a stamping die, this will lead to higher costs. It is important to note that sheet metal design should be used as far as possible with the standard arc surface because in the bend when the data is not well controlled, generally take cutting cylinder welding. And as far as welding is concerned, designers can not think of this welding as a panacea, some designers like to cut the diagonal angle on a single arc surface in the face to cover. From this point of view, welding accuracy is not easy to control, and the design of this practice is very durable.