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How To Optimize Sheet Metal Design?-2
- Dec 14, 2018 -

3 Pressure riveting

The pressure riveting link of sheet metal parts, refers to the sheet metal material through the role of pressure, so that sheet metal material deformation and then coupling it together, this process is usually used in screw pressure riveting, bolt pressure riveting and other links, in the end of the pressure riveting operation link, usually the nut appears round and a piece of gear and wire groove with embossing type.

Therefore, for sheet metal parts of the pressure riveting link not only the original nut production links to the quality of the optimization, but also to avoid the welding work. If you want to harvest a better design, first of all, you can select different specifications of the mold according to the height of different pressing bolts in the actual pressure riveting link, and adjust the pressure release situation of the pressure riveting device to ensure that the nut suppresses the quality while avoiding the problem of waste parts.

Secondly, the pressure riveting structure can be set in the link, choose the appropriate sheet metal size, and then ensure that the pressure riveting results at the same time to avoid sheet metal pressing links.

4 Welding

Welding link is one of the important ways to connect each part of the structure of the whole sheet metal parts in the cold working process, so, usually this link will be placed in the background of high temperature operation.

At present, most of the common welding methods are carried out by means of Argon arc welding, contact spot welding and so on. Therefore, in the actual welding link, according to the nature of different sheet metal parts of different welding methods to choose, to the greatest extent to ensure that the reduction of welding deformation at the same time improve the actual efficiency of welding.

For example, in the actual welding link, we should first determine the sufficient welding control left, and secondly, the need to control the length of the welding site more accurately, to avoid the appearance of sheet metal shape at the same time optimize the load of the welding point.

5 Conclusion

Sheet metal processing technology and modern production there is an inseparable relationship, in the rapid development of sheet metal process today, we should understand and innovate its processing technology and improvement measures, so that the sheet metal process has a better development. Key words: Sheet metal parts; processing technology; optimization design; fast mesh sheet metal processing.