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How To Deal With Leakage Of Machine Casing
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Possible causes for energizing the enclosure are:

Lead wire or junction box connector insulation is damaged.

The end is too long to touch the case.

Winding insulation damage ground.

The motor housing is not reliably grounded.

Grounding protection work is not in place

During the thunderstorm season, lightning accidental breakdown of insulation occurs, resulting in grounding of the windings and causing the motor housing to become live. During the thunderstorm season, the insulation resistance of the motor should be measured in time to avoid the danger.

The protection of the motor housing grounding or zero protection is not in conformity with the requirements. Without the safety measures of protective grounding or protection zero connection, the motor housing will be charged. If you do not adopt safety measures for last-level leakage protection, it is very dangerous and requires people's attention.

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