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How To Choose The Cabinet That Best Suits You
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Look at the steel plate, the steel plate must be thick, shop around, you can feel what thick and thin with your fingers. There are also cabinets inside the cabinet to be thick, because they can accept heavier pressure, do not underestimate what switches, ah, a dozen add up, all under a few heavy.

Look spray paint, a qualified cabinet, all the steel needs to be sprayed, and spray paint must be uniform, so as to be good rust, dust and so on.

To see the glass, the glass must be thicker, but also pay attention to whether there are cracks around the glass. If there is a crack, it means there are hidden dangers, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is tricky.

Looking at the accessories, because the device contains network cables, telecommunication cables, and power cables, it is necessary to purchase a hook-and-loop or toothed belt to effectively secure the cables in the cabinet in an orderly manner. It would be nice if the cabinet had a cable management module so that the cables could be directly fixed in the straight device rails. In either case, the upper wall and side walls of the cabinet should have enough fixed rings (to maintain the cables), and the cabinet floor can also be lifted to allow the cables to be routed below. There are also some screws, nuts, etc. used to fix the rack. It does not involve the lack of spare parts due to future expansion.