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Basic Principles Of Sheet Metal Product Design
- Nov 16, 2018 -

The common metal materials among hardware parts are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, steel, iron and so on.

According to different processing methods, hardware products can often be divided into cold processing and thermal processing category, different types of metal molding methods are not the same, cold processing such as sheet metal materials, mainly through the mold cold stamping, bending, drawing and other processes molding.

Thermal processing such as casting parts, mainly through the metal raw materials melted into liquid with molds cast. It is generally believed that any sheet metal material with uniform thickness is collectively referred to as sheet metal. The common sheet metal materials are stainless steel, galvanized steel plate, tinplate, copper, aluminum, iron and so on.

  1. The principle of uniform product thickness

    Sheet metal is a uniform thickness of the material, should pay attention to the structure design, especially in the bending places, it is easy to cause uneven thickness.

  2. The principle of easy flattening

    Sheet metal products are processed from the sheet, in the absence of processing, the raw materials are flat, so in the design of sheet metal parts, all bends and slant should be able to expand on the same plane, there can be no interference between each other.

  3. The principle of appropriate selecting sheet gold thickness

    Sheet metal thickness has a variety of specifications, but the larger the thickness of the more difficult to process, the more need for large processing equipment, the bad rate also increased too. Thickness should be based on the actual function of the product, in order to meet the strength and function of the premise, the thinner the better, for most products, sheet metal thickness should be controlled below 1.00mm.

  4. The principle of comply with processing technology

    Sheet metal products need to be considered in conform to the processing process, it is easy to manufacture, otherwise the product is not manufactured easily, then it is a unqualified design.