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Application Of Laser Cutting Technology In Sheet Metal Manufacturing Of Railway Freight Cars - 2
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Many enterprises think that CO2 laser cutting machine procurement back, access to electricity can be used, it is not.

The equipment also requires compressed air, cooling water, voltage stabilizer, pressure relief valve, three kinds of laser gas and two auxiliary cutting gases, as well as constant temperature room and other supporting facilities, if the use of Dewar bottle also need decompression vaporization device and filtration device. Laser cutting machines need high environmental requirements. The vibration of the surrounding equipment will have a great impact on its machining accuracy, therefore, in the civil construction needs to set up a circle of damping ditch on the periphery of the foundation. In the northern cities of winter cold, hot summer, morning and evening temperature difference, which has a great impact on lenses and other components.

Therefore, it is often necessary to install its main body in the thermostat, but because of the need for loading and unloading, the external exchange table must be arranged through the wall outside the thermostat.

External Switching Workbench, In addition, the design of the laser cutter fuselage takes into account the factors of its own resonance to ensure accuracy, so the thermostat can not be in hard contact with the fuselage, the host and constant temperature between the need to reduce vibration interlayer and insulation layer. Cooling devices and electronic control boxes in the cutting will be a large amount of heat dissipation, in order to reduce the pressure of the air conditioning system in the thermostat is usually directly set up through the thermostat outside the heat dissipation port. There's also a tip here to open a pull cover here.

The effect is summer heat to the constant temperature between the discharge, winter hot air straight to the constant temperature room to save energy.

And because the dust removal system of the bag and scrap bean drawer need to be cleaned regularly, so in the thermostat design should take full account of the operating area, at the same time, but also pay attention to the maintenance channel. The deionized water needed in water cooling systems is also often overlooked. Distilled water (industrial distilled water) with 1500L conductivity < 10µs/cm is required for cooling systems in the early stages of installation. Of these, 500L is used for initial water tank cleaning, 500L for commissioning and acceptance stage, and finally 500L is added to the cooling machine after acceptance and is ensured to be replaced at least semi-annually. Because the domestic distilled water is often not up to standard, so the general use of pure water and so on instead. In addition, sewer pipes should be laid at the equipment drain to facilitate the discharge of waste cooling water.