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Application Of Laser Cutting Technology In Sheet Metal Manufacturing Of Railway Freight Cars-1
- Nov 30, 2018 -

This paper mainly introduces the selection, application, installation precautions, quality control principle and future development direction of laser cutting machine in railway truck sheet metal manufacturing.

Laser cutting machine, as a common processing equipment for sheet metal parts, has the advantages of high precision, small edge thermal impact zone, good cutting section quality, narrow slit, smooth cutting section, etc., and is often used as the preferred equipment for enterprise procurement. With the development of railway lorry, heavy load, fast and lightweight have become the main development direction. The design of railway lorry products presents diversity, structural characteristics and increasingly complex, resulting in more and more special-shaped sheet metal parts from the type and quantity of more and more, from the economic considerations can only be used to cut the material processing. Especially in recent years, the railway truck new products are widely used in stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, the section quality and thermal impact zone requirements are extremely high, which also exacerbates the railway truck manufacturing industry cutting capacity is insufficient, manufacturing technology level is not high status now.

Therefore, many railway truck manufacturers also urgently need to purchase laser cutting machine and other key equipment to solve the current capacity bottleneck, quality and efficiency.

 At present, there are two kinds of laser cutting machines on the market are CO2 laser cutting machine and optical fiber laser cutting machine. CO2 Laser Cutting machine is the carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium in proportion to thousands of times times the atmospheric pressure through a pair of positive and negative electrodes, resulting in lasers, and then the use of resonant cavity, the export of available laser beams, through the flight light path to the cutting head, through the focus mirror to focus the laser on the machining parts, using laser ray singularity and high temperature melting , ionized materials, coupled with auxiliary cutting gas blowing off molten, vaporized, ionized materials to produce cutting joints, to achieve cutting processing. (The fiber optic laser cutter is a large number of semiconductor tubes excited after the concentration of a number of laser beam coupling and then transmitted through the fiber to the cutting head.)

Now China's current market on the CO2 laser cutting machine power is not more than 6kW, cutting head movement range does not exceed 2mx6m (because the flight light road more than 9m laser beam will attenuate, affecting the focus of the modulus, and then affect the cutting quality), the model is generally TM01 (individual manufacturers promise to achieve TM00), Photoelectric conversion rate in general, the need for water cooling system to take away excess heat, but also the need for compressed air to fly light road and other parts of the protection and air cooling. Because of the early entry into China's market, this type of equipment has the advantages of reliable and mature technology, large cutting thickness range, easy to consume parts to facilitate procurement, auxiliary gas supply chain perfect, many manufacturers and so on to occupy the vast majority of market share. As shown in Figure 1, fiber optic laser cutting machine commercialization time is relatively short, market share is small, the most important is the wavelength is shorter, only CO2 laser cutting machine 1/10, which is easier for the material to absorb heat to produce thermal impact zone. The common thickness range of railway truck sheet metal parts is between 2~10mm, the material types have carbon steel, stainless steel (ferrite and austenitic), aluminum alloy and so on, the dimensional precision requirement is high, the cutting heat affects the size of the area is particularly important. Therefore, this shortcoming is not acceptable for railway truck manufacturing, railway freight truck procurement should be based on CO2 laser cutting machine.