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When using the server cabinet
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Although the server cabinet looks like an ordinary cabinet for placing electronic equipment, it also requires us to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance. Heat, dust, noise and vibration are the number one killers of the cabinet. If handled improperly, it will cause great damage to the equipment.

Heat dissipation:

If the server cabinet is dissipated improperly, the server cabinet may become paralyzed. There are many ways to dissipate heat. For example, fan cooling requires a very good quality and longevity of the fan. The server cabinet is also designed to have openings for heat dissipation. The reasonable aperture size can take into account the heat dissipation of the chassis cabinet products, and it can also effectively prevent electromagnetic interference. radiation.


Dust prevention is a must for users of server racks (Shanghai network cabinets). The devices in the racks are all high-precision electronic equipment. When they are in operation, they are easy to attract dust. Similarly, they require cleanliness when working. Very high. We can put dust covers on cabinets or buy professional dust cabinets.

Vibration noise:

1. It is caused by a long period of uncleanness. If you do not clean it for a long time, dust will accumulate on the server racks, which will reduce the cooling efficiency of the server cabinets. Extremely slow dust will prevent the fans in the server cabinets from functioning properly and cause noise.

2. Vibration noise caused by the hardness of the server cabinet and the connection of the chassis. The use of material savings makes the server cabinet as a whole unreliable. In use, it will form resonance with the built-in electronic equipment. The server cabinet with poor workmanship will also be deformed, which will in turn damage the hardware.

Therefore, when the server cabinet is used, regular maintenance must be performed so that it can be used for a longer period of time.