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The process of sheet metal parts is as follows
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1, Design sheet metal parts by Solidworks, detailing the structure of sheet metal parts, and draw the expansion diagram, that is, the structure of complex parts expansion diagram;


2, Laying-off the material, there are many ways of laying-off material. 

a. Use shears to cut out the expansion diagram, like the shape of the required sheet metal parts, long and wide dimensions, combined with punch and die punching, cutting angle, etc.

b. The punching machine is used to form the plate structure after the parts are unfolded.

c. CNC blanking, through the preparation of numerical control procedures. In addition, using laser to cutting material.


3, Flanging tapping edge is a suction hole, that is, the smaller base hole processing into a slightly larger hole, that increase the strength and prevent slippery teeth, it usually used for thin sheet metal processing.


4, Punching machine processed by the corresponding mold to complete the operation, such as: punching cutting angle, punching blanking, punching convex package and other processing methods.


5, Pressure riveting processing through the punch or press riveting machine to complete the operation, such as pressure riveting stud, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting screw.


6, Bending processing is usually completed by processing folding bed and bending mold, the plane material is made into three-dimensional shape.



7, Welding process, welding is putting a number of parts together, usually by robot welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, Argon arc welding, spot welding and other ways.



8, Surface treatment is usually used to protect the material, to prevent oxidation, on the surface of the material coated with protective film, such as: phosphating film, baking paint and so on.


9, Assembly will be a number of parts in a certain way to make it into a finished product.