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How to buy a good quality chassis cabinet
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The following are the main operations: the computer room console, monitoring TV wall, computer consoles, network cabinets, server cabinets Weimai security equipment for everyone to share the following points:

The first material quality:

The material of the cabinet is different and the choice is different. In general, sheet metal cabinets are the choice for most people. When choosing this kind of chassis, the steel plate must be thick. Only a solid case can provide protection for the board, power supply and storage devices. It can also prevent pressure, impact, and dust, and it can also prevent electromagnetic interference and radiation to shield electromagnetic radiation. In addition, the sheet metal cabinet also provides an easy-to-use panel switch indicator, which is more convenient for the microcomputer operation and observation of the microcomputer operation.

The second chassis cabinet layout:

Because the back of the device generates a large amount of heat, the number of cabinet baffles to be selected must be large. There must also be cooling holes, and the side wall fans should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet. There must also be a wrap around a fixed cable to prevent damage to the cable.

Third chassis accessories:

Because the installation includes network cables, telecommunication cables, and power cables, it is necessary to purchase a hook-and-loop or toothed belt to effectively secure the cables in the cabinet. It is no better if the cabinet has a cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed in the vertical mounting rail.

Fourth chassis cabinet features:

It is necessary to consider whether the chassis cabinet function is safe.

Fifth chassis cabinet cooling:

First of all, we must estimate how much heat the equipment has. Generally, there are two or four fans on the top of the cabinet, but it is better.