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Basic structure of the cabinet
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Common cabinet colors are white, black, and gray. (These are divided into many types, such as orange lines, fine sand lines, etc.); cabinets are divided according to material, there are aluminum cabinets, cold-rolled steel cabinets, hot-rolled steel cabinets; according to the processing technology, there are nine-fold profiles Cabinets, 16-fold cabinets, etc.

Plate type, coating material, and processing technology determine the stability of the cabinet. Its length specifications are generally 600,800mm, width specifications are 600, 800, 1000mm, height specifications are 42U, 36U, 24U. Most of the cabinets used in the early days were made of castings or angle steels that were connected or welded into cabinet frames by screws or rivets, and then added with cover plates (doors) made of sheet steel. The cabinets are bulky, heavy and unsophisticated and have been eliminated. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits, and the miniaturization of various components and components, the structure of cabinets has also grown toward miniaturization and building blocks. The cabinet has evolved from the past full-panel structure into a plug-in and plug-in structure with a certain series of dimensions. The assembly arrangement of the subracks and plug-ins is arranged horizontally and vertically. Cabinet materials generally use thin steel plates, steel profiles of various cross-sectional shapes, aluminum profiles and various engineering plastics. In addition to welding and screw connections, the frame of the cabinet is also bonded.

Cabinets can be divided into two basic structures: profile and sheet, depending on the weight of the components, materials, and manufacturing processes.

1 Profiles Cabinet: There are two kinds of steel profiles and aluminum profiles. Steel shaped steel cabinets are made up of special-shaped seamless steel tubes. This cabinet is very good in rigidity and strength and is suitable for heavy equipment. Aluminum profiles made of aluminum alloy profiles have a certain degree of rigidity and strength and are suitable for general or light equipment. This cabinet is light in weight, less in processing volume, and beautiful in appearance, and it is widely used.

2 Thin-plate structure cabinets: The entire panel cabinet, whose side plates are formed by bending a whole steel plate. This type of cabinet has good rigidity and strength and is suitable for heavy or general equipment. However, due to the non-removable side panels, assembly and maintenance are inconvenient. The structure of the curved column column cabinet is similar to that of the profile cabinet, and the column is formed by bending the steel plate. This cabinet has a certain degree of rigidity and strength and is suitable for general equipment.

According to need, the cabinet is also equipped with cabinet accessories. Its main accessories are fixed or retractable rails, locking devices, hinges, cable trays, cable trays and shield comb reeds, etc.